A Community Animateur is:

  • A ‘Social Mediator’ (‘Portieri Sociali’)
  • Who makes a bridge between young people on the margins and other community actors
  • Who works to reduce situations of social conflict between young people, their communities and other groups

Source: Banksy

  • Animateurs act as a point of mediation between young people ‘on the margins’ and ‘the system’
  • They work to build relationships between disconnected learning and social inclusion organisations, for example by organizing cross-sectoral, cross-agency collaboration involving schools, youth organisations, local businesses and civil society actors.
  • They design and organize innovative – and sometimes radical – initiatives to empower young people who have been left behind by the system
  • They build on the resources of young people and their communities to develop, in collaboration with young people, social innovations aimed at solving problems in the community.