The training programme is available as a free resource, open to anyone interested in enhancing their skills or developing new ones. The training programme comprises 3 macro areas for a total of 12 learning modules, according to the following structure:

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Want to have a glimpse to the modules? Check them out here:

Macro Area 1: Emotional competence (open pdf)

  • Module 1_Intra-personal competences
  • Module 2_Inter-personal competences
  • Module 3_Adaptability
  • Module 4_Affective competences

Macro Area 2: Animateur’s specific competences (open pdf)

  • Module 1_Advice, guidance and support to promote social inclusion of young people
  • Module 2_Mapping networking and mediation
  • Module 3_Organising and managing information to promote social inclusion
  • Module 4_Delivering participation programmes for social inclusion
  • Module 5_Empowering young people

Macro Area 3: Digital competences (open pdf)

  • Module 1_Organising and managing resources for online self-regulated development
  • Module 2_Programme and content creation
  • Module 3_Empowering young people