The training programme is available as a free resource, open to anyone interested in enhancing their skills or developing new ones.

It is available on an e-learning platform. To support the access, Guidelines for learners have been produced. They explain how to register to the platform and how to access the training in the different available languages.

The training programme comprises 3 macro areas for a total of 12 learning modules, according to the following structure:

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Learn more about the training programme by looking at its Handbook here.
Want to have a glimpse to the modules? Check them out here:

Macro Area 1: Emotional competence (open pdf)

  • Module 1_Intra-personal competences
  • Module 2_Inter-personal competences
  • Module 3_Adaptability
  • Module 4_Affective competences

Macro Area 2: Animateur’s specific competences (open pdf)

  • Module 1_Advice, guidance and support to promote social inclusion of young people
  • Module 2_Mapping networking and mediation
  • Module 3_Organising and managing information to promote social inclusion
  • Module 4_Delivering participation programmes for social inclusion
  • Module 5_Empowering young people

Macro Area 3: Digital competences (open pdf)

  • Module 1_Organising and managing resources for online self-regulated development
  • Module 2_Programme and content creation
  • Module 3_Empowering young people