The COMANITY HUB is a collaborative learning space for learners and training team to share comments, questions, feedback and upload content, using blogs and other social media, and the COMANITY discussion forum.

The COMANITY Hub is the online space where “knowledge” is shared. The interactive functionalities of the Hub will give you the opportunity to get informed about and benefit from online resources related to empowerment of marginalised youth, social work, social exclusion and other related topics. The online resources may take the form of video playlists or other digital content. Enter the “discussion area” to reflect upon your own work and share thoughts, knowledge and experience by contributing videos and other content items. An editorial committee will assess the relevance of the materials you upload and authorise publication.

Learn here how to use the COMANITY HUB.

The posts and videos on the main topics of interest are divided into the following categories: youthsocial work, community, competences and learning. The Hub is linked to the COMANITY Youtube channel, a thematic channel with interesting videos that allow knowledge and experience sharing among the members of our community. Posts will be in one of the following languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Italian. You can search posts and videos in your mother tongue or in any other language you might know. We rely on you to enrich the Hub with your posts and videos: this will allow you to fully benefit from the collaborative learning experience while using the knowledge provided in the training modules to create new content. If you need technical support with the COMANITY Hub please consult the Guidelines for Learners (available soon).