The IDEA for COMANITY comes from other projects we’ve done including

HERO worked with young offenders

It combined interactive games with film and drama workshops to train young people to tell their own stories

In HERO the young people involved in the programme worked with inmates on ‘Death Row’ in San Quentin Prison, California to explore issues around choices and opportunities


Another project was SHARE MY CITY.

The project was about young people, crime and anti-social behaviour. In LONDON and PERUGIA Community Animateurs worked with young people and their communities to explore ways of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, organising things like ‘Strange Events’ to bring different groups together.

In the COMANITY project, we want to take this idea and find out:

  • If it works
  • If young people, volunteers and youth workers can be trained to do it
  • If it has a real impact on communities