Community Animateur-Enabling Digital Competences

Research shows that ‘digital competences’ – the ability to use digital technologies in youth work practice – is a key factor in becoming a successful ‘Community Animateur’.

This is because of two main reasons. First, young people ‘on the margins’ – despite often being thought of a ‘digitally savvy’ – are likely to have less access to high-quality digital devices and infrastructure and are less likely to have the digital skills that are needed in today’s competitive and globalised employment markets – than young people from more affluent backgrounds. They therefore need support and encouragement to take advantage of digital opportunities. Secondly, the research shows that digital technologies – and the skills needed to use them – are less developed in youth work than they could be. To work effectively, Community Animateurs therefore need to have a range of digital competences they can use to complement their specific Community Animation skills, including in areas like networking, resource creation and management, community mapping, programme and content creation and supporting the empowerment of young people.

These competences are divided into four competence areas with a total of nineteen competences in all.

Test your competence level by doing a quiz covering the four competence areas listed and described below. Click on this link or on the button below to access the quiz.

For each question, click on the number that best describes how you think you rate on this competence at this point in time (now).

Competence Area C1:Networking and Mediation

This competence area aims to complement the Community Animateur’s networking, communication and mediation skills. It covers using digital technologies to enhance organisational communication with young people, community representatives, stakeholders and other third parties; support professional collaboration; sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience with organisations and volunteer groups and engage in professional and personal development.

Competence Area C2: Organising and Managing Resources

This competence area complements the Community Animateur’s ‘knowledge gathering, data collection and utilisation’ skills. It focuses on selecting digital resources; creating and modifying them; supporting data protection and privacy and applying digital technologies to understand and map the community and the ‘lifeworld’.

Competence Area C3: Programme and Content Creation

This competence area complements the Community Animateur’s ‘development programme creation and implementation’ skills. It focuses on using digital technologies to support interaction and collaboration with young people, including providing guidance and support; helping young people to apply digital technologies as part of collaborative assignments; using digital technologies to help young people learn and supporting young people to plan, monitor and reflect on their own learning, provide evidence of progress, share insights and come up with creative solutions.

Competence Area C4: Empowering Young People

This competence area complements the Community Animateur’s ‘empowering’ skills. It focuses on using digital technologies as enablers to surface young people’s skills and creativity; applying them to create rich learning and development environments; using them to help people find out important information and helping them remain safe in the digital environment.