COMANITY training programme ready to be launched

As COMANITY reaches its second year of activity, its nine partners gathered in Perugia (Italy) on April 8-9 to discuss in detail the final stages of this ambitious project.

COMANITY partners met in Perugia to wrap up the extensive work of the past few months and plan the launch of the “Community Animateur” training programme and pilots. The pilot phase will be conducted in four countries (Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK), where at least 40 trainees will test the three modules of the “Community Animateur” training programme via online and face-to-face activities. After their learning experience, they will have the opportunity to test their newly acquired skills by conducting an “action research experiment”, i.e. a personal project aimed to solve a problem in their local community.

After the piloting stage, which is planned in summer 2019, the training programme will be available online as a free resource, open to anyone interested in enhancing their skills or developing new ones. It comprises 3 macro areas for a total of 12 learning modules, according to the following structure:

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a Community Animateur? Take the self-assessment quiz and learn more about your skills!

The Community Animateur training programme might be exactly what you were looking for to make the next step in your personal or professional development path.