Success story – Reducing anti-social behaviour and improving access to services through a street work intervention, London, UK

This success story illustrates collaboration between a Community Animateur trainee from Docklands Outreach and a group of 11-19 year old young people who were the subject of complaints by local residents and shop owners about their perceived ‘anti-social behaviour’.  Complaints focused on noise pollution, hanging out in large groups, smoking and riding bikes on pavements. … Read more

Success story – ‘Raising aspirations for Young People in the criminal justice system through Cooking’, London, UK

This project was developed by one of the Community Animateur trainees from Docklands Outreach. Initially working with the local Youth Offending Team and young people, she used lifeworld analysis and action learning workshops to identify young peoples’ key needs. She realised that the young people would not engage through traditional methods but all shared a … Read more

Success story – ‘Breaking Barriers’, Santander, Spain

‘Breaking Barriers’ was a collaboration between COMANITY Community Animateurs, NGOs working with young people, graffiti artists, community agents and young people in the city of Santander. It brought together newly-arrived young immigrants from different countries in Central Africa. The main objective of the project was “co-operating and working together, to transform weakness into strength”. The … Read more

Newly Published – Ten Steps to Implement the COMANITY Programme

The Toolkit – 10 STEPS to implement the COMANITY programme provides guidelines, procedures, tools and practice examples to support the successful transferability and implementation of the COMANITY programme within local environments. It also provides policy recommendations to support the sustainability of COMANITY in the wider EU long-term youth and social work sectors. This Toolkit explains … Read more

The Comanity Animateur at work: Community Action-Research Experiments

One of COMANITY’s main objectives is to develop a new youth work and volunteering role –the Community Animateur (CA). A new role that enables youth workers to “step into the shoes” of marginalised young people, understand their needs, and provide a credible and trusted source of support to help them realise their potential and play … Read more

Join the COMANITY programme!

As the COMANITY project is coming to its end and because it was such a great and successful programme, we want to give it a legacy. That’s why we are launching this call for interest and participation.   What is it?  The COMANITY programme is a unique blended programme for youth workers and volunteers working with … Read more

Final conference: EU Round table – Skills for the Future of Youth work – 13 November 2019

Save the date! The project’s final conference will take place in Brussels on the 13th of November 2019, organised by the Lifelong Learning Platform with the support of the project partners. It will tackle the European common challenge of building youth workers’ competences to better reach out and engage disadvantaged youth in local communities. Where? … Read more

COMANITY training programme ready to be launched

As COMANITY reaches its second year of activity, its nine partners gathered in Perugia (Italy) on April 8-9 to discuss in detail the final stages of this ambitious project. COMANITY partners met in Perugia to wrap up the extensive work of the past few months and plan the launch of the “Community Animateur” training programme and pilots. The pilot phase will be conducted … Read more