COMANITY ran over two years (2017-2019), the partner organisations have carried out research to find out what young people ‘on the margins’ feel about their lives; what they think needs to change in their communities and how the ‘Community Animateur’ can help make these changes possible.

The partners developed a framework that describes the skills and competences needed to become a successful Community Animateur and a ‘self-assessment tool’ that helps people find out which of these competences they are good at and which ones they need to improve.

There is also a Learning Programme – linked to the competence framework – that provides the training needed to become a successful Community Animateur. This programme was delivered (piloted) in four different EU countries (UK, Spain, Italy, and Greece). It consisted in supporting programme participants (mostly, youth workers and volunteers) to work in collaboration with young people to help solve problems in their communities.

COMANITY is a project funded under the EU’s Erasmus+ programme (2017-2019).